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Want to try Karmaka? Print it out!

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Most importantly, you’ll need the cards. Download and print this pdf. You should ideally print them in color, as card-color is an important aspect of the game learn with elitist gaming. That said, it’s still playable in black-and-white, as the color-icons are each a different shape. (Which also supports color-blind players.) You’ll also notice that the cards in this free PnP are half color and half b&w. (We can’t give everything away for free. 😉 ) The PnP is otherwise complete.

Card Backs: You may choose to simply print the cards on paper, and sleeve them with cards from another game to make them stiff. Or you may like to print the cards on card stock and print these card backs on the flip side of each page.
Here are the rules. Print them in booklet form if you can.

Other languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian.

Here’s the Karmic Ladder, which easily fits on a single sheet. Print it in color if you can!
Here’s a sheet of 12 Karmic Ring tokens. Print and cut them, or feel free to use a dozen coins or tokens pillaged from another game.
Finally, you’ll need 2-4 player tokens. (The final game will ship with 4 tokens as pictured on the left.) For the PnP, please use meeples from another game, or whatever you’d like to represent you on the Ladder.
For non-English speakers, these quick-reference card sheet translations are really useful: French, Italian, German, Spanish.


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